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Sole proprietorships, partnerships, & limited companies

Business Registration

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Business Registration

Start your business off on the right foot! Do you know whether you are a sole proprietor or a corporation? Understand the benefits of both and don’t register with the wrong business entity.

Depending on your province, there are different forms of business entities. Our range of services can help your new business get off to a running start!

  • Taxation
  • Financial & Legal Liability
  • Government Regulations
  • Formation & Operation Costs
  • Profit Sharing
  • Transferabiliity
pick the business entity that fits your needs

Forms of Business Entities

Sole Proprietorship


General partnerships, Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Partnerships

Limited Companies

Corporation, Incorporated Companies and Limited Company

Ready to start your business?

Services We Provide

  • Incorporation vs Sole Proprietorship
  • Federally Incorporated vs Provincially Incorporated
  • Rules and Regulations for Each Entity
  • Tax implications for Each Entity
  • Permits and Licenses
  • Industry Specific Consultation
  • Intra Provincial Consultation
  • NUANS Search
  • Extra-Provincial Registrations
  • Incorporation
  • Minute Books
  • CRA Registrations Including GST and Payroll Registration
  • Workers Compensation / WorkSafeBC Registration