S&J Management Ltd. is a management company that focuses on being a foundation for our clients in all aspects of bookkeeping, accounting, consulting, proper representation, training and guidance. 

 S&J’s goals are to lend a helping hand in all areas of a business structure by offering assistance on all levels from administration to bookkeeping, and representation. Whether you are a start-up business, taking it to the next level or a growing venture, we are here to help!

Understand why you are starting a business and start it on the right foot! Trial and Error is an expensive lesson! Do you know why you have chosen your business entity, whether you are a sole proprietor or a corporation, understand the benefits of both and don’t register with the wrong business entity.

Let us make it easy for you to pay not only pay your employees but also to guide you along the way and educate you, as the owner, on your rights, labour standards, contracts set in place, employee handbooks and more! Its not always as easy as it looks!

Do-It Yourself One on One Training

At S&J Management we pride in ensuring that our clients get the proper training; specific to skill level, industry, business type and guide them after the training with continued Remote/ Phone Support and guidance throughout their ever-changing business life. With the training includes consultation, assistance with CRA obligations and software implementation.

Corporate Taxes is our way of looking at your business celebrating its “birthday” every year. As you have personal taxes to file every year, your business has its own corporate taxes to file. But its important to be using the right Accountant when filing your corporate taxes.

This is where the fun starts!

It is through the bookkeeping that we can guide our clients to the next step in educating our business owners on their business. The bookkeeping allows us to understand you, as a business owner, how you make business decisions (financially) and, most importantly, that we are looking at accurate financials – THAN we can now better guide you to what you really need and how we can truly help you!

We have Business Support and Business Management Options.

Still Not Convinced? Let Us Help!

Our Team is available to help answer any questions you may have about our products and services. Do not hesitate to contact us to better assist you today.

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