Basic Bookkeeping

S&J Management Ltd. is a management company that focuses on being a foundation for our clients in all aspects of bookkeeping, accounting, consulting, proper representation, training and guidance.

S&J’s goals are to lend a helping hand in all areas of a business structure by offering assistance on all levels from administration to bookkeeping, and representation. Whether you are a start-up business, taking it to the next level or a growing venture, we are here to help!

GST Filing

PST Filing

WCB Annual Reporting

Financial Reporting

Year End preparations

*See Management Services for more services that can come with your bookkeeping!

Advanced Bookkeeping

Specialized and Customized just for you!

You will want to make sure your bookkeeper has the following knowledge to handle your business industry and provide you with accurate financials:

1. Construction Industry and what you may require within your bookkeeping:

    • Job Costing
    • Labour vs COGS
    • T5018 Contract Payment Reporting (to the CRA)
    • Holdbacks and Deposits
    • Progress Invoicing
    • Employees vs Subcontractors and how to protect yourself
    • Liens
    • Work In Progress
    • Cashflow
    • Vendor on Accounts
    • Accounts Payable and AP Runs
    • Proper WCB Reporting

2. Land and Building Development and what you may require within your bookkeeping:

      • Land and Home Inventory
      • Property Turnover
      • Land Deposits
      • Damage Deposits
      • New Home Warranty
      • Trust Funds
      • Lawyer Statement of Accounts Reconciliations
      • Mortgages
      • Loan and Land Payables
      • Property Sales
      • GST Rebates
      • Sale of Land
      • Cost of Buildings and Property
      • Cost of Equipment
      • Capitalization of Asset Improvements
      • Market Value and what that means to your business
      • Cost of Interest During Construction

3. Inventory Based Industries and what you may require within your bookkeeping:

    • Inventory vs COGS
    • Inventory Items
    • Inventory Counts
    • Inventory on Hand
    • Shrinkage and spoils
    • Inventory Adjustments
    • Build Assembly
    • Purchase Orders
    • Sales Orders
    • Vendor on Accounts
    • Quality Control
    • Price Control
    • FIFO – First In and First Out
    • Wholesale Pricing vs Retail Pricing
    • Customer Discounts and Returns
    • Markups
    • Gift Cards
    • Shipping and Receiving
    • Min and Max Re-Order Points
    • KPI’s

Don’t see your industry here? No worries…contact us for more information!

Remember inventory-based companies come in several forms:

    • Retail Business
    • Food distribution
    • Warehouse
    • Ecommerce
    • Consumer Goods
    • Restaurants
    • Electronic Devices

Just to name a few!

What makes us different

With your bookkeeping service, we review, advice and guide throughout the year. Regular financial reports are provided with each reconciliation. S&J Management will consult with the Professional Team at no cost to you to get the right guidance if we see something within your file. This includes reviewing it based on tax implications, industry regulations, legal responsibilities and business management. This allows the client to continue to get on with their business day to day while we take care of your needs from all perspectives!

Monthly Packages

To ensure our clients are receiving the best quality of service we have put together some custom packages that are based on the level of services you require. If you would like a quote for your monthly rate, click on the button below. Fill out the form and one of our Team Members will reach out with your customer rate options.

Management Package

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What every business needs!

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