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Software & Training


Software & Training

Let’s work on systems, processes and time management! Is there an easier way to integrate the many steps and procedures that you may currently have in place? Let’s figure it out together.

We have all different levels of services. We can provide you with all levels of training, support, system implementation as well as
bookkeeping and accounting support as needed.


Training & Support

One-On-One Training

Our training consists of getting to know the client and their business before we jump into a training session, as this allows us to properly train our clients on their
specific needs. We offer a free one-hour consultation to get better acquainted and then schedule you for training at that time. We offer one-on-one training to better suit your needs. Our training price package is pretty straightforward. Your training will come with a review of your business, custom manuals and preparing your books before the day of training.

You will be covering the following on your training day(s):

  • Overall summary of your QuickBooks
  • Current Chart of Accounts: editing, adding and coding system in place
  • Additional coding system: different coding systems to implement
  • Entering Business Bank Receipts
  • Entering Personal receipts and start-up costs (separate shareholder)
  • Accounts Payables: Enter Bills / Pay Bills
  • Accounts Receivables and Entering Items
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Available Reports and customizing reports
  • Shareholder loans, how they work and how to identify personal tax implications
  • How to pay yourself
  • GST filing and how that works
  • And any other issues that may arise during your training(s)…..

Once you get your bookkeeping current, we will evaluate financials with you and discuss how to properly read your financials. We will assist with any tax planning/shareholders loans or any questions you might have about your business. At this time we will discuss training going forward and where we can assist you further.

Remote Support

We also offer a support system in regards to guiding you in the right direction as you do your own bookkeeping and can assist you as a “helping hand” until you feel comfortable going on your own.


Software Implementation

Our support system focuses on evaluating your current situation, getting to know your business and your future goals, analyzing all your internal needs, implementing a system in place and guiding you in the right direction as you utilize your new system and can assist you as a “helping hand” until you feel comfortable to go on your own. We evaluate this based on business needs and accounting obligations.

Our Software Conversion Package May Consist of:

  • Review Stage
  • Conversion and Implementation Stage
  • Review for Accuracy and Testing Stage
  • Training Stage (optional manuals)
  • Ongoing Support and Guidance

Other Services

  • Business and Systems Consultation
  • Implementation and Training
  • QuickBooks Desktop and Online Versions
  • Server Options including MS Office and Adobe programs
  • Telpay (payroll and AP/CRA Bill payments)
  • CRM
  • Conversions
  • Inventory Software

Inventory Management

We provide better solutions for your inventory management software. S&J Management Ltd. is a one-stop business solution for all your everyday accounting, software implementation and office needs. Below are available options regarding the implementation of an organized inventory procedure that will also include providing dependable consulting and accounting services as well as support and professional representation of your establishment.

Our goal is to successfully partner with you by providing the quality support needed to help you achieve your goals; thus, allowing you the essential time needed to handle your day-to-day business activities, utilize marketing strategies, and ultimately, succeed in all your endeavours.

Our Inventory Management Implementation includes but is not limited to:

Transition Stage/ Set Up

The setup of your new accounting/inventory software will follow the following stages:

1. Building the Foundation

2. Software and Inventory Set up

3. Testing

Once the Foundation is built within the software, we will be testing the setup to ensure that the inventory system is working appropriately. During the testing period, we will need to test the QuickBooks on the network/server set up at your business establishment and ensure that all users’ computers and scanners are tested and working.

Our 4 main focuses are:

  • Barcode Scanning
  • Values are showing properly on the Income Statement / Balance Sheet
  • Testing of QB Users and reviewing their areas of access
  • Inventory flow is working on all levels

4. Go Live!

Once Testing and Training have been approved, we go live!

5. Training Stage

S&J Management will come out to your establishment and assess the process in which paperwork flows from each department. Our goal is to make sure that all departments and users understand their positions and their responsibilities within the software. This also ensures that the software is being used properly and that we are eliminating errors within the new system. Inventory management is a very sensitive procedure and any error(s) can affect the overall workflow. S&J Management Ltd is here to work with you and your business. We take pride in watching your business succeed in all its goals. We make sure that you are receiving the best quality work and treat your business as if it was our own.

Training will involve:
  • Group Overview
  • Individual Training
  • Management Training

Departments We Assist

Accounts Receivable Flow

  • Estimates: To be discussed
  • Sales Order (confirm purchase price on each item)
  • Invoicing
  • Deposits
  • Receiving Payment into the bank (in QuickBooks)
  • Once a month review the active SO’s for accuracy

Inventory Flow

  • Item List / Create new Inventory Items
  • Purchase Orders/Placing Orders
  • Receiving Inventory against packing slip
  • Packing Slip against Bill (AP)
  • Monthly Inventory Counts
  • Quality Control and Inventory Adjustment(s)

Accounts Payable Flow

  • Enter bills into Accounts Payable
  • Paying bills

Bookkeeping and Bank Reconciliations

  • Data Entry day-to-day transactions from Business Bank and Credit Card
  • Payroll Processing

Proposed Filing System