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Taxes & Reporting


Taxes & Reporting

It is our job to ensure that you are teamed up with the right Chartered Professional Accountant or Tax Specialist. We save you time to ensure that you are matched appropriately between cost and specialty. One Accountant overtime is not always the best option but who has time to shop around? One year you might want cheap short returns to save cash flow, the next year you are booming and need tax planning and the next year you strike gold and you need a specialty service!

We are here to shop, provide, monitor and represent your business!


Corporate Taxes

Licensed vs Non-Licensed Accountant

Hiring a Licensed vs Non-Licensed Accountant is like hiring a paralegal vs a lawyer and CRA is our court of law.

So, if you are fine with a paralegal representing you in the courtroom then feel free to pay the cheaper cost. But if you need a lawyer to stand up for you then you are best to hire someone fit for the job. We offer both the Licensed and Non-Licensed Accountants, depending on your requirement or we can change them year after year depending on the need of your business. But we can guide you through this too!

Licensed Accountant

To reference my example above, a licensed CPA is your “lawyer”. They have gone through rigorous testing and must obey strict requirements. After becoming licensed, CPAs must take continuous education to keep up with our ever-changing tax rules. Which keeps your business on the “up and up” when it comes to tax laws, tax planning and tax advantages. CPA’s also have a level of responsibility and accountable to the CPA Board. Something go sideways with your taxes? A non-licensed Accountant can pack up and disappear on you but a licensed CPA must answer to the CPA Board. At least you can make a phone call when all goes wrong!

Non-Licensed Accountant

Although the price of this is appealing, this is what’s called a T2 Only, this type of filing will not come with any financial statements & year-end package back from the accountant nor will it may not be represented properly in the event of an audit. This type of filing will not qualify as sufficient documents if you were interested in a business loan of some sort, as Banks generally want to see a full package. “T2 Only” filing is filing a corporate tax return only. This means the Accountant will not provide Review Engagements and you will not receive a Notice to Reader or Financial Statement at year-end. 

Without this compilation, you may not have the formal documents to: apply for a business loan, have an accurate business valuation, review for business growth, obtain or secure any financing, solve business problems, and proper reporting to investors, shareholders, bankers, lenders or government auditors, just to name a few.

CPA Accountants

  • Corporate Tax Filing (CDN)
  • Financial Statement and Notice to Reader
  • Tax Planning and Compliance


  • Cross Border – US and International
  • Agriculture
  • Oil & Gas
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Business Valuations
Do you want to know the difference between all the Corporate Tax Filings that are offered to you? Please refer to our FAQ for more information on the different types of corporate taxes available.

Canada Revenue Agency

We cover all obligations to list a few:
  • Registrations
  • GST Filing
  • Source Deduction Remittances
  • T4 Summary
  • T5 Summary
  • T4A Summary
  • T5018 Summary
  • Full CRA Representation and Support
  • Audits and Post Assessment Reviews
  • Payment re-allocation from Account to Account
  • Payment plan negotiations and investigation
  • Represent Case Files, Notice of Objections and Appeals
  • Correspondence
  • Negotiations and Payment Plans
  • Unfreeze Bank Accounts
  • CRA Account Reconciliation
  • Tax Payer Relief